What is expat coaching? Personal life coaching for expats seeks to support the individual on their moves abroad, both in their personal and professional life.

But to explain in a bit more depth how I got into expat coaching, let me backtrack a little….

Since I first started this blog in 2017 it has been my mission to support women living abroad. Women who, like me, feel living abroad is an immense privilege, but also a struggle at times.

It’s not just the practical stuff like sorting visas or packing boxes. The bigger life stuff, too.

When you’re moving for work and you’re having to adjust to a new work culture, or when you’re moving with your partner’s work and you’re pivoting to a new lifestyle – moving abroad can be tough.

Through expat coaching it is my goal to help you create a happy, fulfilled life abroad.

It is my mission to help you create your own happy, fulfilled life abroad.

Life abroad is a unique experience. We all face different highs and lows. With this in mind, the coaching I offer is personally tailored to you, the individual.

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What is expat coaching? 

The expat coaching that I offer is designed with women living abroad, or considering a move abroad in mind.

However, ‘expat’ is a narrow term, right? Whether you’re a remote worker, accompanying spouse, third culture kid, immigrant or anything in between, I’d love to help you in your journey.

Coaching is not mentoring. I won’t tell you what to do, or what not to do. I’ll listen, support, encourage and also hold you accountable so you can find your own way forward.

Coaching is not therapy. I focus not on the past, but the future. Together we look at what’s going on in the present and create goals for a brighter future. I work on the premise that you’re generally well in terms of your mental health, but could benefit with some support to create a healthier life balance.

Expat coaching can be especially beneficial for anyone experiencing significant life changes, or seeking change in their life. Some of these transitions might include:

  • Moving abroad for the first time
  • Moving to a new country
  • Returning to your native country
  • Shifting to remote work abroad
  • Starting a business abroad
  • Reinventing yourself as an accompanying spouse

For more on life coaching in general, you can read my blog post I wrote a while ago here.

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How does expat coaching work?

My sessions are run in strict confidentiality, through Zoom. Our conversations are a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and emotions.

Depending on your personal needs and lifestyle, for maximum impact I normally recommend 60-minute sessions, every other week, for twelve sessions.

We either work on a specific goal, or explore bigger life issues together. Generally this means clarifying your goals or intentions, identifying any obstacles or assumptions blocking your path, then we’ll design an actionable plan to get to where you want to be.

While the space will be friendly, I’m not here as your friend, but as your coach. When appropriate, and with your permission, I’ll ask challenging questions and hold you accountable, so you can move forward.

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About me

I’ve lived in 10 countries. I’ve moved solo for work opportunities and as an accompanying spouse with my husband, to the Alpine vistas of Switzerland, and the buzzing capital of Angola.

At times I’ve felt stuck, unsure of where I was going in my life and rather anxious about it all. Through my writing I began to investigate this more, and went on to develop a unique coaching method. My style is centred on empowering the client through providing a safe, non judgemental, energising space.

My credentials

I trained in Leadership Principles with Harvard Business School and in Business & Personal coaching with Barefoot Coaching. I’m a member of the International Coaching Federation, the gold standard of life coaching worldwide.

For more about me, click here.

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I charge £80 GBP per 60-minute one-to-one session, or a special rate of £425 GBP for six sessions, and £800 for twelve sessions. 

I offer an introductory phone call (20 minutes at no cost) to explore the issues for which you’re seeking support and help you decide whether you’d like to go ahead. Please email me or fill out the form below to book a slot.

In my experience 12-session programmes offer optimum results. While every situation is unique, I generally advise against any more than 12 sessions – my focus is helping you helping yourself, not creating a dependency on coaching.

As it can be hard to know whether coaching is right for you, I also offer a one-off, 60 minute session for first-time clients for which the cost is £80 GBP.

Some clients find that one hour sessions are not long enough and prefer to book 90-minute sessions. In this case, the rate for six 90-minute sessions is £625 and twelve sessions are priced at £1000.

In addition, I offer unlimited email and Whatsapp message contact between all coaching sessions.

If you are enquiring on behalf of an organisation seeking multiple client contracts, please contact me directly for my preferential business rates.

Specialist coaching programmes

No woman and no experience abroad is alike. Consequently, all my programmes are tailormade to the individual.

Yet, sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. With this in mind, I devised a range of coaching programmes to set you on the right path, wherever you are in the world. For maximum impact, all the following programmes follow a schedule of twelve 60-minute sessions.

All programmes are conducted in strict confidence on a one-to-one basis, through Zoom. They are priced at £800 GBP each.


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How do I find out more about expat coaching? 

To learn more, and book a free, no commitment, 20-minute discovery call, please fill out the form below.

Together we’ll have a chat about what you’re looking to get out of coaching, and if I can help.


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