¿Una fiesta de la corona, cariño?

What a month. We’ve been holed up here in Chile, isolating ourselves long before the official quarantine set in.

Here in Chile, if you want to walk the dog, see a doctor or go to the supermarket, you’ll need an official permit.

It’s been confusing, stressful, but also dare I say it, at times rather fun.

I go from days where I’m rejoicing in the extra time with my kids. Dinner together. Crafts. Snuggle time on the sofa.

Entonces, de repente, entro en modo de pánico. Me levanto a las 4 de la mañana para comprar pasta en línea y quitar la mierda del timbre.

Pero sé lo afortunado que soy en comparación con los demás.

For my husband’s 40th birthday, I asked the kids what the theme should be and you guessed it…they chose… coronavirus. A local bakery had all its orders pulled, so it would be wrong not to buy some coronacake, right?

And I bought Mr Expater his own self isolation workout tool. Simply wrap around your waist and hey presto… a six pack!

I’m not taking this virus lightly. I’m not making fun of all the chaos, struggle and suffering. I can’t even imagine the pain my friends in Spain are feeling, in particular.

I’m just staying inside, trying to keep my kids happy and healthy. And I’m wishing everyone else who can to do the same, too.

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