Nina and The Expater

Definition ‘Expater’

noun [ɛksˈpatə]

1. A fun loving individual who lives outside their native country, moving from hotel to temporary apartment in search of cultural adventure. Also loves Mojito.
travel girl  photo

About me:

My name’s Nina Hobson and I’m a thirty something girl who’s lived in thirty something places.

I started this blog to reconnect with long lost friends from all over the globe and to log my journey with new friends.

I’ve travelled solo, with friends and with the family. A life of luxury, as well as rugged adventure. A Damascene townhouse, a rural Himalayan village, a Munich penthouse and a blinged up compound in Luanda, to name but a few.

With a background in the luxury travel sector, I’ve moved abroad for my job, for my husband’s job and well… just for the fun of it.

Along with a slice of my expat life, I’ll share advice from my fellow Expater friends. How to get on as an alien in New York (or Belgium or Angola or Switzerland…). The best airlines and hotels. How to find a house and make it a home. Beauty tips for on the go, and cultural guides on keeping cool in heated cultural situations.

Currently on a short term break ‘home’ in northern England, I’ll be moving abroad again later this year.