These are the best (and worst) places to live as an expat

What is the best country to live in? What are the best countries for expats to work? And how about the best country to move to, to retire to or start over from scratch?

This month global networking organisation, Internations, published its survey on the best and worst countries for expats. They surveyed over 12,000 expats on their perceptions of their quality of life, career prospects, personal safety and finances, as well as their impressions of how their host country’s response to the pandemic.

Some of the results might surprise you…

I guess this survey underlines just how personal our impressions of life abroad really are. My paradise might be your hell, and vice versa.

For me, the survey provides an interesting overview, but it doesn’t reflect my personal priorities. Personal safety is a big deal for me, while language barriers I can deal with. I’d choose Japan over Ecuador any day!

What about you? Which would be your best county to live in as an expat?

Here are the best countries for expats in 2021

And here are the worst countries for expats in 2021




  1. June 15, 2021 / 2:47 pm

    So interesting! Bummed that Ireland didn’t make it to the top and I am surprised about Malta, I would have thought it would have ranked higher…

    • Nina
      June 15, 2021 / 4:02 pm

      Me too. But it’s so personal right? As a ‘serial Expater’ I can work from anywhere but I guess if you’re looking for a regular office job it might be tricky in Malta. I also love the idea of living somewhere small right now, but it would have not been my ideal ten years ago!

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