My December Lovelist

This month, I thought it would be fun to showcase a few things I’ve been loving. As we crawl out of a frost sprinkled lockdown here in the UK, I’ve been very grateful for these fashion, beauty and home finds.


These TopShop jeans. They’re insanely comfortable, look more expensive than they cost (wear without the slippers) and based on my friends’ testimony I’m assured they’ll last for years.

super comfy jeans

Also this snuggly Barbour jumper. I love the print, the relaxed oversized shape and the muted colours. Currently based in my mother’s rather drafty Victorian home this jumper feels like a sturdy hug. NB it’s pure wool, so I’m afraid it’s a no go for my vegan buddies .

snuggly jumperAm I the only one going against the no bra lockdown trend?

Pretty underwear makes me happy. With a miserable pandemic not shifting its backside, I bought some pretty knickers to put mine into. I also stocked up on bras, including this beautiful balconette number. The back is so low cut I plan to get a lot of use out of it wearing next to nothing tops in the summer. And no, I’m not modelling this one; it’s not that type of blog.

intimissimi bra

Beauty cupboard

This month I forked out on another bottle of NUXE Dry Oil (aka huile prodigieuse). I reckon the best test of whether I really love something is whether I buy it twice. This is my third bottle and counting. Winter seems to be drying my skin and this is the lightest facial oil on the market.

Book shelf

Rather late to the party here, but I just got around to reading the book that everyone was talking about a couple of years ago – Everything I know About Love, by Dolly Alderton. It’s a hilarious, poignant and raw portrayal of Alderton’s formative years in the UK. Cringeworthy one night stands, questionable fashion choices and beautiful friendships blend into a hand book that resonates with women worldwide.

Everything I Know About Love


Did someone say 6pm? That calls for a drink. Except the kiddos are still running riot and I don’t want to fall asleep before they do. So just a splash of Angostura Bitters in tonic and I’m good to go. It does contain alcohol, but you only need a few drops for the flavour so I’d argue my mix is more tonic than cocktail. It’s old school, and I rather like that.


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Sofia Slip Into Elegance
Everything I Know About Love
Angostura Bitters
Sofia Slip Into Elegance
Everything I Know About Love
Angostura Bitters
Sofia Slip Into Elegance
Everything I Know About Love
Angostura Bitters


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