A round up of the best blogs for expat women

As an Expater I rely on blogs a lot. Not just for the pretty pictures, but to go about my daily life… everything from finding local versions of ingredients, healing mosquito bites and dealing with cultural shock. I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with some fantastic expat bloggers in all corners of the globe and thought to list them for you here too.

Here is my round up of the best women’s expat blogs to follow in 2020 and beyond. This is an ongoing list which I’ll add to as I come across more great expat bloggers…

Best travel, expat & lifestyle blogs

Expat life coaching blogs

Mental Wellbeing for expat mums: Share the Love

Kate is a certified coach working one-to-one with expat mothers all over the globe. She also has a great blog with lots of valuable exercises, links and tips on all things expat lifestyle. How to restart your career abroad, dealing with expat mum guilt, how to repatriate successfully and more. sharethelove.blog

life coaching blogs for expat women

US & Canada expat blogs

US & UK life: Between England and Iowa

Kylie’s blog is a wonderful resource for anyone moving to the US or indeed Americans moving to the UK. How to get a green card, teaching English and travel across the states is all here, along with some hilarious US vs UK cultural differences. Kylie recently moved back from Iowa to the UK, and I’m sure will be a great help for Americans moving to the UK too. betweenenglandandiowa.com

Raising globally minded children in Canada: Canadian Expat Mom

I first stumbled on Lisa’s site while she was living in Congo. I’ve since followed her journey repatriating back to her homeland of Canada with her two girls. Lisa is a school teacher by trade, but first of all she’s a mum and through her blog she shares about raising culturally aware children. She’s also the editor of a compilation of expat stories, Life on the Move. I contributed to this book and proceeds are donated to an orphanage in Congo. canadianexpatmom.com

For families moving to Toronto: Parenting To Go

Parenting to Go was founded by citizen of the world Yashy Murphy and now co-written by her husband Chris. Yashy was born in Sri Lanka raised in Dubai, Bahrain, Pakistan, U.S, Australia and England, and now calls Toronto home. Her and her husband are avid travellers and they are dedicated to showing parents that having a family doesn’t mean missing out on life. The blog features lots of reviews in and around Toronto, as well as general advice such as tips for living in a condominium with kids. parentingtogo.ca

For Australians (and non Australians) moving to the US: Bright Lights of America

Bright Lights of America is an expat and travel blog for people moving to, and living in, the US. It’s a super practical guide with everything from planning your move, to visas, financial and tax issues, settling into expat life, and deciding where to live. While it’s aimed primarily at Australian expat wannabes, the practical tips are just as useful for all nationalities. brightlightsofamerica.com

best expat blogs for women

Africa expat blogs 

Kenya for expats and holidaymakers alike: The Expat Mummy

Nadine is a writer by trade and it shows. Her blog, The Expat Mummy is a wild adventure of words and pictures, through bustling street markets and unspoilt savannahs. She’s the go to person for anyone thinking of moving to Nairobi, or planning a holiday in Kenya. theexpatmummy.com

best expat blogs

Asia expat blogs

Another side to India: Memsahib in India

Memsahib in India is a wonderful blog encompassing the many diverse angles of India. It’s not an expat blog, it’s not a travel blog, it’s not a photo diary… it’s a beautifully written collection of real life stories, practical travel advice and off the beaten track adventures. It’s editor, Philippa Kaye, is founder of an India travel consultancy firm and also author of a novel, Escape to India. memsahibinindia.com

top expat women's blogs

Europe expat blogs

Swiss expat life as a woman: Girl in Basel; Just Moved to Switzerland & Gorgeous Globe

I couldn’t possibly choose between these three beautiful blogs about life in Switzerland through the eyes of a foreigner. Magdalena hails from Poland and is now based in Basel where she blogs from Basel (girlinbasel.com), meanwhile Larisa is based in Zurich (justmovedtozurich.com) and Monica is a Texan now based in Zurich (gorgeousglobe.com). All blogs share fantastic travel, beauty, foodie and cultural tips for foreign women living in Switzerland. Weekend away ideas, language class experiences, restaurant recommendations… they’re all here. Magdalena has a baby too, so especially worth checking out if you’re a mother or expecting.

Budapest and the black community: Black Girl in Budapest

Moving to Budapest? You need to check our Starr’s page. Where to eat, shop, party… How to get around, find your way and make friends… it’s all here. It’s also a great resource on the small, but thriving black community in Budapest. blackgirlinbudapest.com

Expat coaching & Madrid life: Lauren on Location

I think I just missed Lauren as she left Santiago and I moved there. Now based in Madrid, Spain, Lauren shares travel itineraries, foodie tips and expat life advice. As an expat coach she offers one to one consultations and tailored programmes to help expat women reach their potential abroad. laurenonlocation.com

Life in Holland: Charming Marie

Hannah is an American free spirit revelling in her home of Utrecht in the Netherlands. It’s thoroughly inspiring to see a cool Californian girl adapting so well to the Dutch culture and lifestyle. If you’re moving to the Netherlands, be sure to check out her fantastic insights on the Dutch way of life. charmingmarie.com

Insider London: Candace Abroad

Candace is an American woman based in the UK. Her blog is a glossy insider guide to all the best bits of London, without the tourist traps. She’s also host of Abroad & Co, a podcast on combining business with travels. It’s essential reading for anyone considering a move to London. candaceabroad.com

Travel & expat life in Scotland: Migrating Miss

Sonja was one of the first expat bloggers I came across when I started my blogging adventure. Her comprehensive blog features just about everything on life abroad. Based in Scotland, UK, she has a wealth of advice on living abroad alone, as a couple and with children. She’s also incredibly well travelled and has useful itinerary guides for everywhere from Melbourne to Malmo. migratingmiss.com

Expat family & serial ‘expating’: And Then We Moved To

Mariam is a seasoned expat and mum to three kids. In her blog Mariam shares personal stories of her life in many countries. I started following Mariam as she was based in Ghana and I’m now excited to see how she’s getting on in Lisbon, Portugal. Mariam is also author of This Messy Mobile Life, a handbook for globally mobile families. andthenwemovedto.com

Travels in Sweden and beyond: I, Wanderlista

I, Wanderlista is one of the rare travel blogs that combines both beauty and practicality. Blogger Patricija is based in Sweden and her guide to the country is a wonderful intro for anyone considering a move there. Patricija is more of a travel blogger than an expat blogger, however, and you’ll find a wealth of travel guides, especially for Asia. iwanderlista.com

expat women blogs

Middle East expat blogs

Dubai for teens (and big teens like me): Little Miss Expat

Little Miss Expat is written by a photography loving girl based in Dubai. It’s a great blog for the younger crowd out there, as she can relate to the issues the younger expat generation face. With an eye for design, her site is gorgeous and she shares some great tips on places to go out in Dubai and beyond. littlemissexpat.com

Authentic UAE: Helen Debrah Ampofo

Helen’s blog is essential reading for anyone thinking of moving to the UAE. Helen is also very well travelled, and has a catalogue of cool guides for different cities around the world. She’s a black expat woman and her tales of racism would be depressing if they weren’t told in the honest but constructive way that she does. If you’re looking for an authentic take on life in UAE, this is it. helendebrahampofo.com

expat blogger in UAE

Any more great expat blogs for women to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below! 

The best lifestyle blogs for expat women worldwide

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Expat blogs for women


  1. Katharina von Knobloch
    October 21, 2020 / 8:25 am

    Oh thank you for adding me to this great list! What a surprise
    Greetings from Germany, Kate

    • Nina
      October 28, 2020 / 10:40 am

      You’re very welcome! Your blog is such a reassuring read for women abroad x

  2. October 27, 2020 / 5:36 pm

    This was a lovely surprise! Thanks for including Bright Lights of America in your list, I feel really honoured to be featured alongside some excellent expat blogs.

    • Nina
      October 28, 2020 / 6:07 am

      You’re welcome Kat! Your blog is so useful for people considering a move to SF & the US in general x

  3. Nadine Murphy
    October 28, 2020 / 12:40 pm

    Thank you very much for adding me – a huge compliment in these dark travel blog times.

    • Nina
      October 28, 2020 / 1:12 pm

      You’re so welcome. Your blog is inspirational, useful and honest. Everything I love. x

  4. February 22, 2022 / 9:23 am

    Hiya. Thats my old blog title. pelase can you change livetravelkenya.com to update it to The Expat Mummy at http://theexpatmummy.com. Thank you

    • Nina
      February 28, 2022 / 9:53 pm

      done x

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