Chiloe diaries : my day trip to Castro

I’m reminiscing back to a very sunny day in the town of Castro. Located on the island of Chiloe, it’s a place of cloudless skies and rolling hills. Traditional cabins painted every colour of the rainbow perch on stilts over cobalt waters.

With the coronavirus causing havoc worldwide, I know we can’t travel right now. But when life returns to normal, a trip to Castro would make a wonderful fresh start.

Castro waterfront

view from Palafito Patio, Castro

I came to Castro last summer with my mum and the kids. Even in the high season, we felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Castro, Chiloe

Day trip to Castro, Chiloe

family holiday in Chiloe

steam engine in Castro

We strolled along Castro’s waterfront, stopping for a lazy lunch at the famous Mercadito. Montes wine, fresh fish and happy times…

El Mercadito, Chiloe

Somehow none of us managed to fall in the water, and for that reason alone I treated my kids to hot chocolate at Castro’s Patio Palafito hotel.

Chiloe houses on stilts

travel with kids to Chiloe

Chile Lake District

The Palafito is small, but has some of the best views in Castro, so get there early. Or better still, sleep there. Friend have stayed in the boutique hotel and loved it.

In any case, be sure to order coffee, ice cream or hot chocolate… or all three together as we did.

Palafito Patio hotel, Chile

family vacation in Chile

family holiday in Chiloe

On the way back to the car I spotted this pink house. I rather fancied we should paint our house the same colour. Alas, as expats we’re renting and I’m not sure the landlady would agree. So, it seems I’ll just have to return to Castro for a top up of rainbow life.

brightly painted houses of Chiloe

family day trip to Castro, Chiloe

Are you planning a trip to Castro or Chile’s lake district, Chiloe? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. 

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