13 things that might just happen when quarantine in Santiago ends

Santiago is in lockdown. Well, parts of it, anyway. Santiago is under a rotating quarantine system. Each week we found out if we’ve won the jackpot and our neighbourhood gets to stay indoors by law.

I’m looking forward to this all coming to an end, but then again, there are other things I’ll actually miss.

Just for fun, here are 13 things that might just happen when lockdown in Santiago ends:

Santiago under lockdown

  1. New mothers will still be told off for their babies not wearing socks. Nationwide, a second wave of infections will be blamed on bare footed children.
  2. Fiestas Patrias will be big. Really big. In fact there will probably be more people at home nursing a hangover afterwards than at home during quarantine right now.
  3. Immunity cards will be used to jump the queue at the registro civil. A cute baby still gets you to the front of any line, though.
  4. We’ll miss our commute. Oh how I will miss the trek all the way from the bedroom to the sofa for work! How about two hours in peak hour just to get the kids to school? No gracias.
  5. Pumas, condors and cougars will start a revolution and demand land rights. After all, they’ve been reclaiming the streets for some time already. pumas spotted in santiago during quarantine
  6. Pinochet human rights abusers will walk free. Please, someone pinch me and tell me this is not true?
  7. We will no longer be able to see the mountains from our windows. Oh, hello again smog! How I missed you. Not.
  8. Cornershop deliveries will be back to normal. So much so, that we won’t shriek with delight and message all our friends when we find a delivery slot.
  9. It’ll rain. Alas, by the time this is over, it’ll be winter. You’ll find me with my umbrella, finding social distancing very easy as Chileans and rain do not mix.
  10. We will still wear our masks, because we’ll now feel naked without them. And even better, Bimba y Lola will be producing limited edition gold studded ones.
  11. Nescafe instant will continue to be served in high end restaurants.
  12. After months of putting their feelings to one side during Santiago’s quarantine, locals will go back to hating Pinera.
  13. Nappies will still cost more than a human kidney.

Any more to add to the list? Leave me a comment below and make me smile!


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