Lechagua beach, Chiloe

My Whatsapp is pinging every second with coronavirus warnings. The world is seemingly in chaos and I’m dreaming back to last month. For last month I took my mum and kids to heaven on earth, a.k.a Chiloe. Chiloe is a cluster of islands, pastoral landscapes and deserted beaches. We stayed in a little log cabin in Ancud, near Lechagua beach. 

Lechagua beach

I regularly take breaks out from social media, and I love to come to places like this. Chiloe is all about disconnecting from the humdrum of daily life and spending time with family and nature.

best chile beaches

Salty sea air, the gentle lapping of waves and water chilly enough to make my kids giggle with delight.

Unlike Chiloe’s more dramatic cliffs with their crashing waves and rocky beaches, Lechagua is great for small kids.

chiloe beach
chiloe beach with children

The question I kept asking myself was, ‘where is everybody?!’ Why were we the only ones enjoying ourselves here?! It was peak holiday season and we were the only ones in sight.

Lechagua beach near Ancud
beautiful beach in Chile
Chiloe beach

Chiloe is a magical place and we discovered so many beautiful beaches all around us. This one has to be one of my favourites. And a certain little lady seemed to agree. 

Beach in Chiloe
family friendly beach in Chile

Need to know:

The tide comes in fast, so it’s best to visit during the morning or early afternoon. 

Like many beaches in Chiloe, Lechagua beach isn’t a touristy spot. Don’t expect cafes or restaurants. Pack a picnic and enjoy the calm.

There is no official car park but we managed to find a spot just nearby. A main road runs very close to the beach so we preferred to walk a little further along. Lechagua is one of many beautiful beaches in Chiloe, and this one is located in the north, near Ancud. (see map). 



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