Grape treading in Santa Cruz

Wine is more than a beverage in Chile. It’s love, passion, and if the Viña Montgras My Harvest tour is anything to go by, it’s also very fun. It’s one of the best wine tours in Santa Cruz by far.

Viña MontGras tour

I’d taken my mum and the kids to Santa Cruz, where the grape harvest was just kicking off.

If you’re on vacation in Chile between February and April, you simply must give this wine tour a go.

Harvest time

First up: grape picking. After being kitted out in rather fancy aprons, it was off to the fields for harvest time.

My Harvest at Viña MontGras

Our guide, Marcelo was an encyclopedia of wine knowledge and the best teacher ever.

We learnt not just about different grape varieties, but also their leaves. My favourite has to be Sauvignon Blanc, a.k.a. the spooky face leaf.

Sauvignon Blanc leaf

Marcelo’s gifts also included answering questions while dodging kids with secateurs.

Grape Harvest in Chile with children

grape harvest at Viña MontGras

My kids were so happy. They loved every bit.

great wine tour for children in Chile

wine harvest with children in Santa Cruz

After a lot of arguing (‘that was myyyy grape!’) we proudly lugged our heavy buckets back to base.

grape harvest in Chile

wine harvest in Santa Cruz

Viña MontGras with children

Grape treading

Then came the squishy bit. Oh the giggles!

grape treading in Santa Cruz

grape treading in Chile

My feet have never felt so soft. Apparently there’s something in the grape skin which exfoliates and hydrates.

I wonder if it works when you drink the grapes too?

crushing grapes with feet

We all had a go at the grape stomping. Annabelle enjoyed many glasses of Gran Reserva de nappy, Viña sweaty feet.

children grape stomping in Chile

homemade grape juice with kids

great wine tour for kids in Chile

Santa Cruz wine tour with a difference

Then after a thorough foot wash, it was back to HQ for a tour of the winery and cellars.

beautiful vineyard Chile

Viña MontGras

MontGras winery Santa Cruz

Again, ten points to our guide Marcelo for keeping my kids entertained throughout. Marcelo was such a hit I thought Sebastian might never let him go.

wine harvest chile

Did you know that the date on a bottle of wine is when the grapes were harvested, and this could differ from the date the wine was bottled? I didn’t.

Did you know that the type of oak barrels used in wine production is hugely important? I didn’t. (French oak barrels give subtle, spicy notes, while American oak barrels tend to produce stronger flavours of vanilla and coconut).

I got all of Marcelo’s quiz completely wrong, but I still managed a cheeky sip from the barrel. Hiccup.

wine tasting

The best wine tasting in Santa Cruz?

To round off the morning, we chilled in the courtyard for an aperitivo tasting. Three reds, three whites and a whole lot of sunshine.

red wine tasting

While my mum and I drank, the kids ran amok. Wine is much more than a beverage indeed.

MontGras winery

best wine tour for children

The My Harvest experience at Viña Montgras runs from 14 February to 30 April and costs $27,500 for adults and $22,500 for children. To book visit

Due to the hot weather the tour commences at 9.00am, so it’s advisable to stay overnight in Santa Cruz beforehand. 

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