The 5 euro luxury anti wrinkle cream that actually works

Looking for a cheap anti aging cream that actually works? Let me fill you in a skin care budget buy and one of the best anti wrinkle products of 2020.

Having packed very light, I found myself shopping for skin care on holiday in Spain. I saw the price tag of 80 euros per pot and I felt a little guilty. So I gave it a miss and went to the supermarket for some oranges instead. Then I chanced upon the skin care aisle…

The Spanish skin care secret

My Spanish sister-in-law (who has great skin) had told me about Mercadona supermarket’s brilliant skin care range previously, but I didn’t get what she meant until now.

Raising eyebrows, not prices 

Mercadona’s own brand, Sisbela caused quite a stir a while back when it admitted that its 5 euro revitalizing cream was exactly the same as another luxury brand cream, which then retailed at 80 euros (the price has now reduced to around 55 euros). The formulation, including the ingredient concentrations, is exactly the same.

Whatsmore, the Spanish consumer report group praised the 5 euro rejuvenating cream as one of the best anti wrinkle creams in the country.

And how come it’s so cheap? Apparently Mercadona can afford to sell this beauty nectar at such a low price as they’re selling such huge quantities on a daily basis.

The wonder cream soon sold out nationwide. Skin care junkies were queuing round the block for fresh stock. In fact, the cream became so popular, another supermarket brand allegedly copied it.

My impressions

I’m only in my mid 30s and I’d like to think wrinkles aren’t a huge problem… yet. Nevertheless I’m looking more and more to protecting my face, especially since I live in a sunny country and get very little sleep.

I bought the Sisbela range which consists of just two anti aging creams, one eye cream and one serum. I also bought a regenerating cream from its other line, Beaute Mediterranea. OK, I bought several. Come on, they were all 5 euros or less!

All the creams smell great, especially the Dragon’s Blood cream which has a light, almost dewy grass scent. In terms of consistency, they feel very luxurious too.

I’ve been using the creams for three weeks now. I use the Dragon’s blood cream as a day cream as it includes sun protection. The serum, blue anti age and green decollete creams I use only on nights. The eye cream I use morning, night, and many times in between.


The creams have definitely made my skin much smoother and more radiant. My face is not really any softer, and as I naturally have combination dry skin I’ve sometimes needed to top up with more moisturiser throughout the day. This Sisbela range is more about rejuvenation and smoothing, than hydration.

My skin is on the sensitive side and I’ve experienced no adverse reaction. In fact, all the creams feel very gentle and rich.

None of the products are tested on animals.

Worth it

All in all, I’m very impressed.

If you’re a resident of Spain, or are just passing by for oranges, be sure to take a look at Mercadona’s skin care aisle.

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  1. Valerie Murfin
    June 30, 2021 / 6:10 am

    I also came across this brand by accident while living in Spain… absolutely addicted…the prices are unbelievable….the quality …compares to top beauty brands…
    As a retired beauty therapist I can highly recommend sisbela products!

    • Nina
      June 30, 2021 / 10:32 am

      Yes! It’s so good to hear an expert like yourself agrees. Their serum is the best I’ve ever tried.

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