Cerro Manquehuito

Last week I hiked Cerro Manquehuito. And baby Annabelle came along for the ride. A very motivated hiker buddy had told me about Cerro Manquehuito and I’ve been eager to try it ever since.

The nature makes the hike worthwhile already. We saw condors gliding past the mountains, beetles scuttling behind towering cacti and this little fella too…

The trek is accessible to anyone with a little determination and lots of sunscreen. Fresh air, city views and glorious sunshine…

I’m no fitness trainer and I managed it just fine. There are no fences though and if you fall… well best not think about it. I was keeping a tight hold of my little lady.

Check out the views from the top…

We made it!

Need to know: 

Leave early. The trail gets very hot and almost impossible by midday. I’d recommend setting off at 9am at the very latest, although leaving at 8am would be better.

Wear boots with a grip. Some of the trail is very steep. If you’re not wearing hiking boots with a good grip it could be easy to slide.

Not for kids. I do have friends who have done the hike with children, but I would be too scared at the top. The fence is more of a flimsy wire. Some of the climb is quite steep and a less able child could easily stumble.

Ok for babies. I took my baby in my Ergobaby carrier which worked just great. I prefered to wear her on my back as the climb up is quite steep. Some parents took their kids in a hiking carrier which is a good idea if you need to carry extra stuff.

Trail. There is a sort of map at the top which shows you a rough guide to the cerro (hill), but there are no specific paths or signposted routes. There are two main ways to get there: via Lo Curro (red on this map) or Los Trapenses (yellow on this map). I took the Lo Curro route (although I parked at the top of Golf de Manquehue, but I’m told the Los Trapenses route is perhaps easier if you’re going with a baby. I had phone reception throughout and I’d advise taking a phone just in case you do get lost!

Beware of the sun. Pack water, wear a hat and take plenty of water. For dogs there is a bowl at the top which you can pour water into.

Safety. While I felt very safe, there have been cases of people being robbed en route. It’s best to hike with a friend.

Time. We took out time to enjoy the views and it took us under two hours to get up and down. If you’re fit and in a rush I reckon you could easily manage it in just over an hour.

Parking. There is no official car park, but we parked along with a few other hikers at the top of the Avenida Golf de Manquehue. Wherever you park, do not leave any valuables in the car.

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