Humedal Giverny

Last weekend we spent a glorious day at the Humedal Giverny at Parque Tricao. This is our second visit to Tricao – last time we ran out of time for the Giverny water gardens and I’ve been desperate to return ever since.

I’ve felt guilty enjoying Chile while so many people are suffering. But speaking to locals here, it’d hurt the country more to abandon it. Chile has always been a beautiful country, and it still is today.

The Giverny gardens at Parque Tricao are under two hours from Santiago. This is Chile at its very best…

Humedal Giverny

Humedal Giverny

Humedal Giverny at Parque Tricao

There are no fences or barriers in the Humedal Giverny, so a lot of the time was spent running after our kids.

Water lily gardens

Humedal Giverny

Chilean nature

The Humedal Giverny was built to protect native species. So naturally we fed the birds. A lot.

feeding birds

feeding birds

We also fed ourselves. This time we were visiting with friends and reserved a barbecue. The quincho turned out to be less a barbecue than a huge, secret garden.


While my husband got cracking on the sausages, the boys went out to explore.


Chile nature

Sebastian perfected his marshmallow toasting (and tasting).

toasting marshmallows

We also had a stroll around the lake. I had a little explore on a canoe, and bumped into my friend Ria sailing past on the way (Santiago is small!) Thanks Ria for taking this photo.

We managed to stay dry pretty much all day. Then my middle kid jumped in the lake. When we asked him why he got wet, he replied, ‘Because that’s what the lake is for’. Nature is for enjoying, after all.

lake near humedal

For more on visiting Parque Tricao, see my full review here and

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