Competition time: Baby feeding on the go in Chile

I wouldn’t normally blog about a bag of pureed vegetables, but I keep getting asked by people about my baby’s reusable food pouches and quite frankly it’s getting annoying.

Last month I was gifted these reusable baby food pouches by a new brand in Chile called Pingui Mom. I loved them so much I’m collaborating on Instagram – enter here to win a set.

But first up…

Are baby food pouches bad for your baby?

There’s some controversy that baby food pouches are bad for children. Apparently they stop babies learning how to chew, encourage overeating and multi blends mask the taste of real, individual ingredients. Single use plastic pouches are bad for the environment too.

Damn it.

But they’re not all bad. They’re really handy, especially when travelling or on the go. Reusable food pouches with homemade ingredients can be healthy and eco friendly. I rely on them a lot.

baby with reusable food pouch

Which baby food pouches are best?

Sure, you can just buy baby fruit pouches in the supermarket, but in Chile at least, the choice is very limited. They’re generally very high in fruit sugars. They’re expensive. And I hate throwing away so much plastic.

We also suspect Annabelle has a cow’s milk protein allergy, so while we do still buy them when I’m in a pinch, a lot of shop bought snacks won’t work for her.

In our case at least, the best food is homemade and the best pouches are refillable.

Pingui Moms: Designed by a mum for mums

Pingui Moms is a new brand founded by a mum for mums. They make a range of accessories for children, including these reusable baby food pouches that I love.

They’re easier to clean (see below), made from non toxic plastic and the lids are the same as store bought ones so can be replaced cheaply if you lose one.

Pingui Monm food pouch

How to clean?

The other controversy is that reusable baby food pouches can’t be cleaned properly. (Why did parenting have to get so controversial?!) Because they’re sealed, food gets trapped inside and mold builds up. Gross.

These Pingui Mom baby food pouches open at the bottom so they’re easier to clean. They have round edges, so food doesn’t get trapped when you rinse them. And you can pop these ones in the dishwasher.

Can they be frozen?

Yep. I make a huge pot of puree, then dish it up and freeze all my pouches in one go. I take one or two out of the freezer the night before, then we’re good to go the next day.

What age can babies eat pouches?

I started giving Annabelle pouches from five months old on a very occasional basis, but only with really well blended veggies. Now at ten months, she can handle them a bit more chunky in texture.

How do you feed a baby from a pouch?

I don’t get a chance. Annabelle grabs the pouch and does it herself. Sure, she occasionally squishes a whole pack over her dress, but in general she stays super clean.

You can spoon feed from the pouch too.

How to use:

You can fill the pouch by spoon, although I still found it easier to use a plunger (bought separately). The bottom is double sealed and you really need to make sure it’s properly closed.

pingui mom eco squeeze

envases reutilizables para papilla de bebe

And enjoy.

Bon apetit, mini Expaters!

the best baby food pouch ?


Pingui Mom reusable baby pouches are priced at $5,900 CLP + shipping for a pack of three. For more, visit

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