Oway Glossy Nectar: the quick fix for crap hair

I was shopping online at Oway, an organic cosmetics company that I love and filling in the section on hair type.

Thin hair without volume? That’s me. Coloured? Yep. Treated / very damaged? Yes, that too. Hair prone to falling out? Thanks to giving birth last year, yes. Frizzy hair? Yes again. It would be so much faster if there were just a box for ‘crap hair’.

Oway Glossy Nectar

I also have three kids and very little time on my hands. So, Expaters, I’m delighted to share with you a new product that I love called Oway Glossy Nectar.

Firstly, a disclaimer: the Oway Glossy Nectar was gifted to me without any obligation to write about it because the lovely PR rep took pity and thought it could help. And it has, so unlike lots of other products lurking on my bathroom shelf (orange face tan, anyone?!) I will share my honest review here.

Oway Glossy Nectar

A great serum for frizzy hair

Before I discovered Oway, I’d just shuv a bit of Frizz Ease serum in and away I went. I do still like Frizz Ease, but my issue is that this serum doesn’t really address why my hair is so crap. It just masks its rubbishness with a coating. The reason my hair is so frizzy is because it is thirsty and broken!

The Oway nectar is designed to nourish and rebuild deeper down, as well as help it hold a style. In fact it feels more like a lightweight healing oil than an icky styling serum.

It makes my hair shinier, protects from my overenthusiastic use of hair curlers and makes it dry faster. It tames my frizz by adding moisture, rather than just weighing it down. Yes it’s a quick fix, but it has helped my hair when used over time as it adds moisture.

How to use

I use a couple of pumps worth of the nectar, and quite a few more if I’m off for a swim or to play in the sun. It’s best applied mostly at the ends, by scrunching up the hair or smoothing it from the mid lengths and only using really sparingly at the roots.

Honest review

Now, let’s be clear, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you this product will change your life. This is hair oil, after all.

My hair is still thin and this product on its own has not transformed my hair into Shakira style locks. I will be posting soon about a new hair care system from another brand which has also really helped. Watch this space…

But the Oway Glossy Nectar is really rather handy. If you’re on the look out for a good serum or oil, I’d definitely  recommend it. And hey, if you don’t like it I’ll gladly swap it for that facial tanning lotion I mentioned.

Before (with another supermarket serum):

frizzy hair before hair serum

After (month or so later using Oway serum):

frizzy hair after serum

This video was taken when I washed my hair three days ago (don’t judge me!) with a little dry shampoo at the roots and Oway Glossy nectar on the mid lengths and ends.

Oway Glossy Nectar is not tested on animals, paraben free and all ingredients are ethically sourced, organic and biodynamic. Available to buy in the UK, US, Chile (and many other places around the world via Amazon) at 22 EUR / $34.95 USD

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Disclaimer: As as personal customer of Oway, I was gifted the Oway Glossy Nectar . There was, however, no agreement or obligation for me to post about the brand or product and all words, photos and opinions are my own. Other Oway products featured previously were purchased by me in full and were not gifted.

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