Working (& wannabe) working mothers, put 14 May in your diary

Fellow mothers in Chile, do you work (and get paid for it)?

I’m the first person to call stay at home motherhood a real job and the last person to judge any parent for the course they choose or which life chooses for them.

All I know is that there are many women, who, like me, would like to work more professionally, but they can’t.

Date for your diaries

On 14 May, from 9am – 1pm a Working Moms’ Day will be held in Santiago (in Spanish) to tackle some of the issues we face as we reenter the corporate world. Fellow mothers and renowned corporate names will be addressing skeptics like me.

Speakers will include Savka Pollack a TV presenter and journalist who founded family support group Crainza en Tribu, as well as Fernando Arab, Secretary at the Ministry Department for Work.

The event organisers have been very clear that this is not about undervaluing motherhood. Rather it is about supporting mothers who also work outside the home, recognising that motherhood is a job in itself.

Working Moms Day Santiago

Working mother's day Santiago speakers

You see, I’m perhaps the best and the worst person to be there. I’m one of the most vocal proponents of mixing motherhood with professional work. All in all, I think it’s best for the mothers, for the children and for wider society. I just don’t know how it’s possible.

The motherhood puzzle

I have three children and I squeeze in freelance writing and blogging whenever I can. But it’s complicated.

3 young kids (1 with severe allergies) + 1 late working husband – any household help = 0 spare time.

working mother

What if?

What if your kid has a disability? Or special needs? Or is just a crap sleeper?

What if you’re a single mother, or your husband works away from home a lot? What if you’re an expat without the ‘grandparent emergency babysitting service’?

And what if, for whatever reason, you’ve been out of work for so long now that no company wants you anymore? Or you’ve lost your corporate swagger, and deep down, quite honestly, the thought of returning to paid work petrifies you?

What if, what if, what if… ?

working mom

No perfect answer, just more questions

Did you hear about the Lean In ‘choreplay’ campaign to get men to do more help around the home (i.e. men doing housework so their partners would be freed up for more romantic persuasions)? Like seriously, it’s the 21st century and we need to reward washing dishes with sex?

Surely there has to be a better way?

I’m not expecting this Working Moms’ Day to hold all the answers. I’m just looking forward to raising these issues with people who care, to celebrating the companies who are listening and connecting with mothers who feel the same way.

See you there, Expaters!


The Working Mom’s Day is a Spanish speaking event held on 14 May, from 9am – 1pm. Admission fee: $35,000 CLP. email to reserve. Venue: Centro Nace BCI, Los Miliatres 4611, Piso 2, Las Condes, Santiago.  

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