The most exciting opening in Santiago this year?

I wrote last year about my love of a beautiful, flower packed cafe in my hometown of Santiago. You can imagine my disappointment when a reader reached out to tell me it had closed its doors.

The bad news is yes, Bistro Botanico has closed its doors. Noooo!

But the good news is they’re opening in a much bigger, even more beautiful space in Lo Barnechea, Santiago. Hoorah!

Tierras de Mastica will open in July of this year and it’s set to be much more than a mere cafe.

It’ll be a garden in the middle of the city. A oasis hidden away from the chaos of Santiago traffic. A place to to take a stroll, to browse, learn, eat, drink and celebrate. A meeting point for both locals and travellers from afar to chill out, discover, refresh and be inspired.

We’re promised…

a flower and a farmer’s market,

a museum and theatre with workshops for kids and adults,

a cute cafe to relax or get your work done,

a casual but high end restaurant with lots of really fresh, local ingredients,

as well as beautiful rolling gardens for a cheeky cocktail while the kids run wild.

Watch this space, Santiago Expaters…!

Tierras de Mastica
Building work has begun… Check out the mountain backdrop!
Tierras de Mastica
City gardens…
Tierras de Mastica
Looks like fun to me!


  1. Cecilia
    July 18, 2019 / 8:31 am

    Do you know when will they open Tierras de Mastica? Where will it be?

    • Nina
      July 18, 2019 / 8:42 am

      The last I heard, this October. Stay tuned….

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