Trip to Santiago’s Museo de Taller (Workshop Museum)

Last week we headed with our kids to the Museo Taller (the workshop museum) in my hometown of Santiago, Chile.

You’d be mistaken for missing the museum: the entrance is not at all imposing and we had to ring the bell a couple of times. The doorway leads into a dark space, where we were treated to a really cute animated shadow puppet video.

Then we stepped into a beautiful, light filled space and were greeted with the delicious scent of sawdust, antique wood and craftsmanship.

museo taller

Although some of it was a little lost on our four and two year olds, a very helpful guide talked us through the museum and its story. Once a private collection it holds over 700 tools from the 20th century.

museo taller

kids at workshop museum santiago

It’s very hands on and initially I was a little (OK, very) scared by all the saws, drills and hammers within reach of my preschoolers…

museo taller santiago

… but thankfully there were other more age appropriate toys and games on offer.

ninos museo taller

The in-house carpenter showed us some cool ways with wood: how to make those knobbly bits on table legs; how to drill, saw and cut. While our preschool aged kids still enjoyed it, if you’ve got older children who like to build, make, fix and create, this place is a must. I’d definitely recommend booking a workshop with the super patient and knowledgeable staff.

museo taller

The museum is primarily a school, offering workshops to adults, school children, as well as parents and children together. Here’s one I didn’t make earlier…museo taller wordwork

But they did give a little souvenir to our kids. Sebastian was delighted with his new car. ‘This car is special, it goes reeeeeeeally fast, Mummy!’

For more ideas of things to do with your kids in Santiago, check out this post.

Need to know: 

Workshops are for children aged six and upwards and must be booked in advance. Our kids were able to grab the tools, so it’s best to come with an extra pair of hands if you’re visiting with small kids. While staff were lovely, this is not a place for babies as such, with no changing facilities on site.

Museum opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 2pm to 5.30pm; Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. When we visited the tiny side street door was shut and it appeared to be closed, but do ring the bell (a couple of times!)

Parking is tricky. We risked leaving our car on the side street, but the nearest metro is Santa Lucía, a ten minute walk away.

For the latest workshop classes visit the Museo de Taller website.

Tel: 2 2634 1092 / email:

Museo de Taller, Root 563, Santiago de Chile.

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