Expaters this will make you laugh (and me scream)

I’m really getting into Chilean life. My Spanish is improving, my kids are settled in their nursery and I feel at home.

In fact, my kid has his nursery graduation show tonight – a Ghostbusters themed extravaganza.

We’ve been making his costume for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday I even headed to the busiest market in town to get more supplies.

I’m all about my kids doing the work, getting creative and taking an active role. So we’ve been doing this together as a family.

We’ve been sticking bottles, drawing Ghostbuster logos and rummaging in bins for cool stuff. We’ve trekked to countless stores for materials, we’ve been glued to Pinterest for ideas…

language muddles for expats
Ghostbuster backpack in the making

And hoorah his Ghostbuster outfit is complete! Backpack, overalls, gun…check! He’s good to go!

The sticking, gluing, hunting, sewing has taken up a lot of time over the last few weeks. But it’s all worth it, right? Just to see my boy prance around in his homemade outfit will bring me so much joy.

His show is just a few hours away and I’m relaxing over lunch. Then I get a Whatsapp: ‘Nina, Sebastian is playing a ghost, not a Ghostbuster’. 

Chile is still home, but perhaps my Spanish is not so good after all?

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