The International Women’s Club needs you (and you may need it)

Expaters, we live in a globalized, but lonely world. Let’s connect!

A few years ago while living in Belgium I met a girl at an expat group. She confided in me that she’d actually been having a really rough time before finding the group and just wished she’d met us earlier. Not speaking the local language, finding the lifestyle very foreign and really struggling to make friends, she was losing her previous confident go-getter identity.

We travel for work, we study across borders, we live in a globalised society, and yet often we feel lonely, disconnected, alone.

This got me thinking…

The International Women's Club

As women we have specific needs and talents, but how much do we really share and work together? 

How connected are we really? We share the same anxieties, pressures and excitement and yet much of the time it feels as if we’re in it alone.

I’m launching a new initiative, called The International Women’s Club. My vision is to connect women globally, to share our stories and empower each other.

Right now we’re on Instagram and I want to hear from you. Follow us and share your story so we can support, empower and connect with each other.

The International Womens Club

The International Women’s Club is an open community, not an exclusive club. We’ve got some exciting news for 2019. Get involved, share your ideas and watch the ripple effect grow. Let’s build this together.

Let’s connect, empower, share, connect and learn.

Let’s do this!


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