Expert beauty tips for looking fab in five

We’ve all been there. You’ve been up since 5.30am, changing, feeding, changing, feeding… then somehow it’s 2pm. Finally you rush out of the door quicker than Indiana Jones with fed and clean(ish) kids. Hoorah!

Then you catch yourself in the mirror… You look like sh*t. And now you feel it too.

Of course children’s bellies should take priority over mascara, but we mums are more than machines, right? We deserve to look and feel great.

Pearls & Paris is one of my fave lifestyle blogs written by mum Shareen Medina. Here she shares her tips on looking great in under five minutes.

Pearls and Paris Shareen Medina

Hide your under eye bags, not your personality

Concealer can make me go from looking like the mom who was up all night with their toddler to the woman who got nine hours of sleep. Dabbing a little concealer when on your way out is a great way to brighten your under eye area and conceal those dark circles.

I like applying my concealer with a makeup sponge or my finger. For me powders instantly make my under eye area crease, so I stay away.

My favorite under eye concealer is Bye Bye Under Eye by IT Cosmetics.

Bye Bye Under Eye
Bye Bye Under Eye $26.00 USD for 12 ml. Photo: IT Cosmetics

Invest in mascara

Mascara will bring life to your face when you’re in a rush. It’s the one product I can’t leave my house without.

If your mascara is clumping – toss and get a new one! While mascara should easily last three months, some don’t and they dry out quicker.

Wake up your face with bronzer 

Another must have product is bronzer. Bronzer is a great way to instantly wake up your face, and create definition and warmth. My favorite is the matte version by Tarte Cosmetics.

Amazonian clay matte waterproof bronzer Tarte Cosmetics
Amazonian clay matte waterproof bronzer $30 USD. Photo: Tarte Cosmetics

Stick to a night time routine

Having a good night time routine is also important. It doesn’t need to be anything drawn out, but be sure to always wash your face the night before. Don’t go to bed with makeup. Moisturize and use eye cream. When you wake up your skin won’t be dry which will help your makeup go on quicker and more smoothly.

As for moisturizers – I have so many I love! My go to is SheaMoisture Coconut Oil Overnight Face Oil

Coconut Oil Face Oil
100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Overnight Face Oil, $9.99 USD. Photo: SheaMoisture

Set yourself for the day ahead

Primer, setting powder and setting spray are your best friend to make makeup last. I start with primer and afterwards dab setting powder on my T zone – this will help your face from getting oily.

After I finish my makeup I add a little more setting powder around my face then spray with setting spray. My favorite setting powder is from Laura Mercier and the best setting spray is All Nighter from Urban Decay.



All Nighter setting spray Urban Decay
All Nighter setting spray, $32 USD. Photo: Urban Decay
Translucent Loose Setting Powder Laura Mercier
Translucent Loose Setting Powder, $38 USD. Photo: Laura Mercier

Stylish hair without the styling

Dry shampoo is life changing! As a mom who works full time I don’t have time to wash my hair, blow it out and flat iron it all the time. Dry Shampoo soaks all those oils up and extends my blow outs by at least a day or two. My go to is Dove.

Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo Dove
Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo, approx $5USD. Photo: Dove

I also live for high ponytails and top knots. I think you can make both look very chic with minimal effort.

Nourish your face

I always carry a small makeup bag with just a few essentials, as well as a bottle of water and healthy snacks. This allows me to freshen up when on the go, but also helps me minimize the junk food I would consume if I didn’t carry my own.

My current favorite snacks are from Graze, but I also love Quaker Breakfast Flats.

And finally… take a break

I wear makeup almost everyday with the exception of the weekends when I won’t be leaving the house. I take those days to mask and focus on skin care. You can also check out these face masks for a radiant complexion


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