Luxury children’s clothing and accessories for bargain prices. A new store opens in Santiago.

Last week I wrote about my love of recycling and my hatred of waste when it comes to kids stuff. You can imagine my joy when I discovered a new sustainable luxury baby and kids store in Vitacura, Santiago.

The Loop is a new cut price store selling top quality baby and kids clothing, toys and accessories for a fraction of the price. Strictly speaking most of the items are second hand, but you wouldn’t know it.

New or as good as new luxury 

Most items come with their original label and packaging, unworn or unused. Call me a snob, but hoorah there’s no yucky, musty smell that seems to invade all vintage stores I’ve ever been into.

I spotted lovely clothing brands like Petit Bateau, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tartine et Chocolat, as well as more exclusive Argentinian and Spanish brands that just aren’t available here in Santiago. There was also a good selection of trusty labels like Mothercare and Gap which are great value in the UK, but less so here in Chile.

How it works

The idea is simple, parents can sell their unused or barely used kids’ items via The Loop. Meanwhile customers can find great bargains including brands which are nowhere to be seen in Santiago. As well as unloved goods, The Loop also stocks items manufactured by charitable causes, such as a headbands made by a foundation supporting incarcerated mothers in Chile.

To give you an idea of prices, baby dresses were selling for 5,000 CLP, sets for 7,000 CLP and leggings for around 1,000 CLP. I found kids shoes for around 7,000 CLP.

Super sustainability

But it’s not just the discount prices which I loved, but more the sustainability of it all.

If you’re a parent reading this I bet you my handbag collection that there are unworn, labels intact clothes lurking in your kids drawers. The shirt you bought for that wedding that you never ended up going to, the dress that was too small for your darling one by the time you discovered it from the back of the chest, those cute shoes which your little angel refuses even to try on…

Just as importantly, if the items don’t sell parents have the choice of donating them to one of The Loop’s chosen charities or taking them back home.

Charities include the Fundacion Santa Clara, which supports children living with HIV, Soy Mas, which helps adolscent pregnant women and mothers, the Agrupación de Apoyo a Migrantes en Chile aiding migrants and the Fundación Amigos de Jesús supporting disadvantaged children, youths and adults.

Toys and more

As well as clothes, there’s a great selection of new and barely used baby strollers, with a fair few Maclarens. There’s also maternity accessories such as bottle warmers and baby carriers from brands such as Ergo Baby and Baby Bjorn.

There are toys, including new wooden toys and craft packs…

as well as new and barely used baby toys from brands such as Fisher Price.

There’s also a book corner…

I spotted this adorable book and puppet set…

Staff are lovely too. I needed to feed Annabelle and was promptly ushered to a seat, with staff carrying my bags. The team then spent ages rooting through items which would fit Annabelle through the seasons, and held her for a good half hour so I could have a proper rummage too.

And I came back with a bag full of goodies for my little princess.

Need to know:

Exchanges are limited to up to seven days after the purchase date, and items must be in their original condition with The Loop label intact. Swimsuits and hair accessories may not be exchanged after purchase. Refunds are not possible, but the client may request a credit note, valid for six months from issue.

Needless to say, in terms of second hand goods, underwear is not accepted.

The Loop does not offer a collection service for larger nursery items such as cots etc. You will have to bring the items to the store, and if they do not sell, collect them also.

If you’re selling items to The Loop, you’ll be paid in cash up to 20,000 CLP and by bank transfer if it’s over this amount. The amount paid per item varies from item to item.

Open Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 19:30 and Saturday from 10:00 – 14:00. Address:  Luis Pasteur 5321, Vitacura. Tel +56232632543, email: website:


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