The second most beautiful scent in the world?

Firstly a little disclosure: As as personal customer of Kai products for some time, I was gifted the new Kai Rose oil duo to try out. There was, however, no agreement or obligation for me to post about the brand or product.

And now, ladies, exciting news! I’ve discovered the second most beautiful, natural perfume in the world!

After months of morning sickness, I’m back to normal and cherishing all the beautiful scents around me.

This morning the gardeners were out cutting the lawns and I opened up all our bedroom windows to take in the fresh cut grass gloriousness. This afternoon our nanny has been preparing her famous banana cake and I’ve been loitering at the oven door. And best of all, I’ve been cuddling my baby Annabelle, and boy, does she smell good!

How is it possible for a creature that hasn’t bathed in days to smell this good? Perhaps it’s my hormones? Perhaps it’s a mother daughter thing? Or perhaps it’s because newborn babies offer something synthetic fragrances can’t? To me, Annabelle is the purest scent in the world.

It’s a shame her scent can’t be bottled. I’m baffled as to why Chileans use perfumes on their babies.

But I’ve found a close second. If you follow my blog, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Kai fragrance. It’s the most natural scent I’ve ever come across.

It’s like someone flew to Hawaii and bottled the exotic white flowers, adding in some carefree surf spirit and a little ocean breeze.

Here’s the lowdown: Kai’s creator didn’t like the synthetic notes of high street perfumes and so she set out to capture her holiday memories in scent. Having spent her summers within the lush nature of Hawaii, she wanted a more natural blend to remind her of her carefree youth there. It was while wearing her new fragrance, Kai, on the streets of New York, that a beauty editor stopped her to ask about this unusually natural, fresh fragrance.

From then it soon became a favourite among Hollywood A-listers.

And me.

Now a new version sees the iconic Kai coupled with a sister Rose scent. The two oils can be worn independently or, as I like to do, layered for a truly personal blend.

Don’t be put off by the size (they come in 1/8 oz, 3.7ml vials). If you’re used to high street perfumes, you’ll be surprised how intense these natural concentrated versions really are. You need very, very little. A compact roller-ball bottle means you can apply just that.

And like all Kai products they’re paraben, sulfate, phthalate and phosphate free. Not tested on animals, they’re vegan too.

The only catch is they’re quite tricky to get hold of outside of the UK and US (I stocked up before arriving in Chile). So if you’re an Expater in another country, be sure to add a vial or two to your suitcase when you next travel.

Annabelle is growing so fast. She won’t stay like this forever. Alas she will grow up. But these Kai oils are the next best thing when that happens.

Kai and Kai rose perfume oil, 1/8 oz (3.7ml) $48 USD each.

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