It’s a girl!

Hoorah!  A quick update to let you know that I gave birth to a beautiful little girl on Sunday.

I’ve been struggling to find time to get the news around friends and family, so here’s a short post.

Annabelle was born at 4am (why are babies never born at sensible hours?) and we’re doing great.

Alas, like my second child, she has tongue tie so it’s been a struggle for her to feed and sleep. Apart from nipples which look like they’ve been through a shredding machine (Sorry Papa – too much info?), I feel truly blessed.

This time round, I decided for a surprise, and realised all too late that all the clothing I’d packed was blue. But hey, I’m a girl and I like blue, so there.

Her brothers seem very happy. My eldest Sebastian refuses to call her Annabelle and instead insists on ‘Lalita’. As far as I know Lalita isn’t a proper name, but who am I to argue? Lalita it is for him.

Rafa seems less excited by the news, but is adjusting slowly I hope. 

My carefree Spaniard husband is taking it all in his stride and is as content as ever. 

More updates to follow soon…

Love, Nina and Annabelle x




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