How to get a proof of residence in Santiago, Chile

OK here’s a rather dull blog post, but something a few Expaters in Chile have been asking me about.

For almost any official document – a driving license, a tarjeta de vecino and so on, you’ll need to prove your residence.

Generally you’ll need a recent utility invoice with your name on it. However, if like me, your name isn’t on any of them, and only your partner’s, then panic not.

You need to go to your local commune municipality office (municipalidad) with the following:

  • Copy of your lease agreement.
  • Photocopy of your partner´s I.D. card, both sides (or whoever’s name is on the rental contract and utility invoices) 
  • A utility invoice in your partner´s name.
  • An authorization signed by your partner.
  • $ 3.000 CLP in cash.

Our local office only offers the option of sorting this form on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.00am to 5.00pm, so it’s worth checking for opening hours first.

As for the authorization letter, below is a template we were given.

(If you’re an expat husband accompanying your wife, then you’ll need to switch the ‘esposa’ to ‘esposo’, but I doubt you’d be refused a document based on shoddy grammar… My form had been decorated by dinosaur stickers and it was still accepted).


P O D E R   S I M P L E

Yo, [PARTNER’S NAME], RUT [PARTNER’S RUT], vivo con mi esposa [YOUR NAME], RUT [YOUR RUT] y mis  hijos:  [CHILD 1. NAME and RUT] y [CHILD 2. NAME and RUT], en la propiedad ubicada en [ADDRESS INCLUDING APARTMENT NUMBER]

Emito este poder para que mi esposa obtenga su Certificado de Residencia.

Firma [SIGNED]_______________________________



After handing these in, you’ll be given a document which states your place of residence.

Hope this helps!

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