Jurassic Park comes to Santiago

We just got back from a trip to Bosque Jurasico (Jurassic Park to you and me). The event is being held at Parque Padre Hurtado in Santiago until 29 July and I thought to share a few pics in case you have curious little dinosaurs of your own too.

Bosque Jurasico Jurassic dinosaur park

It’s only a small enclosure but there are several (moving) dinosaurs dotted around, including a Tyrannosaurs Rex and a Triceratops, which kids are free to stroke.

Bosque Jurasico Jurassic dinosaur park

My kids (aged two and four) were too scared to hang around the T Rex, but my eldest did get close enough to pet the baby dinosaurs.

Bosque Jurasico Jurassic dinosaur park

There are other petting animals too to check out too. A donkey, ducks, emus, baby quails and rabbits. I’m not a fan of caged animals, but here they did seem very well cared for and clean.

After just 10 minutes my youngest decided he was hungry so we broke off for a picnic. The views weren’t too shabby…

And of course after ten minutes of relaxing in the winter sun, they managed to find another separate play park to keep them entertained before the ride home too.

Need to know: 

Cost: You need to pay an entrance fee for the Parque Padre Hurtado itself first ($500 CLP per person over five years old) and then a separate entrance fee for the Bosque Jurasico ($5,000 CLP per child, $6,000 CLP per adult, 20% discount with the Las Condes Vecino card).

There are several other attractions nearby in the park too, from pony rides and bouncy castles to soft play parks. Each one charges a separate fee, so be prepared to spend, or distract your kids from hopping from one attraction to another.

Dogs: dogs on a lead are allowed in the park, but not in the dinosaur park.

Times and dates: Bosque Jurasico is a temporary event open every day until 29 July only, from 11am to 6.00pm. The Parque Padre Hurtado park is open from 8.30am to 6.00pm.

Access: The entrance to the park is at Francisco Bilboa 8105, and from there it’s a short (5-10 minute) walk to the Jurassic dinosaur park.

Food: We were told there was a cafeteria but we didn’t see anything. In any case I’d recommend taking a picnic. Apparently picnic tables can be rented at $5,000 CLP each but we just set up camp on the grass. If you’re taking food into the dinosaur park, be prepared to shoo away a few curious farm animals. My picnic hamper carrying hubby was a favourite with the goats…

Baby changing and toilets: There are no baby changing facilities or toilets very close by, so pack accordingly. I couldn’t spot any basins to wash hands after petting animals; hand sanitiser definitely comes in handy.

Bosque Jurasico at Parque Padre Hurtado, Francisco Bilboa 8105, Tel. +562 22776206 / +562 22264923

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