Medically proven: how expat mums can walk with broken toes

A few weeks ago I was at a supermarket and an idiot ran over my foot with their trolley. The worst thing is, that idiot was me.

Six months pregnant and exhausted after a night spent relaying between whining preschoolers, it seems my body wasn’t coordinating its moves right. With all my six month pregnant belly weight leaning on the trolley I heard a little ‘crunch’ sound as the wheels glided over.

It really hurt my toe, and my pride.

A few days later I spent a glorious weekend in the Chilean Andes with my family, walking around farms, clambering up hills, pretending to be cowboys.

One week later and my toe was still rather red. I asked my husband if I thought I should get it checked.

‘Oh don’t worry’, he said. ‘This happens to me all the time. It happened once in my sleep, I’ve had it on holiday…’

‘But it does look rather swollen… you don’t think it could be broken?’

‘Ha ha ha! Seriously? Don’t overreact. This happened to me before… like the time when…’

Full disclosure: I rarely listen to my husband. I decided to go to the hospital anyway.

And lo and behold it WAS broken.

The strength of expatriate mothers
Footwear last week

The doctor did agree with my husband on one point, however. This does happen a lot. Busy mums frequently break bones without realising at the time. Men, however, tend to realise sooner, he said.

Funny that isn’t it?

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