Just for fun: what type of expat are you?

Last year expatriate networking organisation Internations released a study listing ten types of expat.

I’m not sure which category I fall into. In fact, I reckon it’s much more simple. Either you’re an Expater or you’re not.

Different types of expatriate abroad

In case you’re unsure where you land on the Expater scale, I’ve compiled my own quiz.

1. A friend is travelling to your hometown. Do you:

  • Order them to bring back a whole suitcase of Yorkshire Tea / TimTams / Vegemite / Kraft Mac n Cheese even if smuggling said items could incur a jail sentence (one point)
  • Compile a presentation listing top restaurants, cultural artefacts and hotels in the area, hooking them up with friends for upgrades, reservations and further recommendations (two points)
  • Ask why – there’s a party going down this weekend in your expat ‘hood (three points)

2. A job offering comes up in a rather glamorous new country. Do you:

  • Ignore it – it’s even further from your home country, so why bother? (minus one point)
  • Begin updating your CV (one point)
  • Check in at the airport (two points)

3. You meet a tall, dark handsome stranger on holiday and a serious romance blossoms. Do you:

  • Check their visa status for living in your home country (one point)
  • Check your visa status for living in their country (two points)
  • Buy furniture for your new home together (three points)

4. Your passport is: 

  • Under six months old (one point)
  • Rather dog eared with lots of stamps in it (two points)
  • Always in your handbag, just in case (three points)

5. You chose your university / college because…

  • it was the closest to your parents’ place (minus two points)
  • it was the best in the world for your chosen subject (two points)
  • you were looking a little pale and needed to top up your tan (three points)

6. Your favourite drink is:

  • You never drink abroad – can’t trust the ice or the cleanliness of the glasses (minus five points)
  • G&T / Guinness / wine from your home country (two points)
  • Whichever local tipple the barman is serving that day (three points)

How you scored: 

0 – 5 points: You’re not an Expater. Please leave this sitet.

5 – 8 points: Hoorah! You’re a bonafide Expater. Welcome!

9 points and upwards: Congratulations, you’re a globe trotting, adventure seeking Expater pro. Can we be friends?


Also check out this post with an expat club’s listing of different expat personalities. I’m a studying romantic accompanying spouse who at times misses her foreign assignment life. And you?


    • May 22, 2018 / 2:42 pm

      Thanks, I’m sure you’re a proper Expater 😉 xx

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