Ambrosia – Italian Chilean fusion for a romantic date night

My kids are both sick and I’m reminiscing about my last date night a zillion years ago.

With a reservation made just a couple of hours previous, we headed off to Ambrosia.

The setting is so romantic, and if it weren’t starting to get a little chilly we would definitely be fighting for a seat among couples in its beautiful garden. 

It’s just so, so pretty…

I’m five months pregnant so my beloved Mojito was off the menu for me, but the virgin berry version was (almost) just as good.

And as for the food… It’s a fusion of Chilean – Italian.

Starters range from carpaccios and ceviches, with a foie gras plate added into the mix too. All off limits for a vegan(ish) pregnant fusspot like me. Meanwhile the hubby went for the prawn ceviche…

For mains, he opted for slow cooked venison.

While I opted for the gnocchi with truffle oil.

First brownie point – the staff here are extremely friendly and helpful, without being overbearing.

My gnocchi came with a poached egg cooked to perfection for anyone normal, but I’m not so keen on putting a runny egg into my belly when there’s a five month old baby in there too. The staff were very understanding and made me a new dish without any fuss.

I really, really wanted to love Ambrosia. I’d heard so many good things. The staff were so very lovely.

But the food… well… it was OK. Just OK.

I asked my hubby about his dishes and I got the same response. ‘It’s OK. Just OK’.

My gnocchi wasn’t OK in fact. Slimy, overcooked and even if there was a whisper of truffle in there, I doubt even the most expert hog could sniff it out.

Don’t even get me started on my tea. A bag to dunk in tepid water? Puleease.

*British expats, please look away now – you may find the following image disturbing*

One friend suggested ‘we ordered wrong’. Seriously? Since when did ordering become an exam? I thought there were no wrong answers on menus? If the dish sucks, don’t put it on there.

Other friends said much the same as my husband and me. It’s a lovely place, staff are great and the food is well… just OK. Ambrosia isn’t fine dining, and nor are its prices to be fair. A set lunch menu will set you back around $18,000 pesos for two courses.

A friend once told me that for a truly great night the food shouldn’t be too delicious, the music too good or the wine too fine. It all detracts from the company, you see. Despite teabagate we still had a great date night and yes, I would come here again.

Don’t come to Ambrosia for the food alone. You may be a little disappointed.

Do come here for a lunch with girlfriends or a relaxed bite to eat with friends. Come for the atmosphere, come for the service. Come for a fabulously romantic date night.

Ambrosia Restaurante. Pamplona 78, Santiago, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Santiago. Tel. (2) 2217 3075

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