Speak Spanish? Hate Chilean bureaucracy? You’ll love this

I write a blog, sure, but I’m not a huge fan of technology. Dusty books, fresh air and traditional afternoon tea are my game. 

But technology is rather useful.

Last week I came across a new app for foreigners in Chile.

Yo Migro‘ is in Spanish and it’s aimed at migrants, not expats, (don’t get me started on the difference between expats and migrants…) Nevertheless, it’s still rather useful for Expaters like you and me.

If you do understand Spanish, and are looking to solve some bureaucratic headaches, Yo Migro holds some very practical information written by public officials and local experts.

Whether it’s starting a new business, figuring out local employment rights, understanding the visa system or tracking down public offices, it’s definitely worth a look in. It also addresses paperwork hassles such as registering births, lists websites for finding an apartment and advises on what to do in the case of an earthquake. It even includes a few Chilean recipes, some top museums in the city and also explains a couple of Chilean traditions.

Personally, I use the Discover Chile Facebook forums, my local Whatsapp groups and my wonderful relocation lady as my go to when I’m clueless on anything Chile related, but the Yo Migro app is a handy (free of charge) complement. I especially like the ‘Como hablan los Chilenos’ (how Chileans speak) guide.

I doubt I’ll be setting up my own business anytime soon. I think it’ll be a while before I’m fluent in ‘chileno’. But perhaps I will adopt some local customs after all. Afternoon tea? I think you mean ‘onces’.

The Yo Migro app was developed by PwC Chile and Fundación Interpreta, whose main objective is to promote interculturality in Chile. Available to download free of charge on Google Play



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