Better than botox – the new anti-aging facial oil set for a cult following

Disclaimer: As as personal customer of JK7®, I was gifted the new Golden Face Oil for me to try. There was, however, no agreement or obligation for me to post about the brand or product. Other JK7® products featured previously in this blog were purchased by me and were not gifted.

A second disclaimer – I cannot be held liable for any conflicts resulting from you trying this brand, falling in love with it and then finding it really, really hard to go back to your old skincare routine.

Ladies, let me introduce you to a new beauty find of mine.

JK7 Golden Face Oil product

Results you can feel, without the botox

I’ve been trying the new Golden Face Oil by JK7® for three weeks now and I’m seriously impressed.

My skin is definitely smoother, softer and more hydrated.

In fact it’s so soft that I find myself randomly pressing my cheeks and décolleté. My husband thinks I’ve gone nuts. ‘But look, touch my cheek. Soft, huh?’ I prod my forehead and suspect I’m getting weird looks in the street. But hey, who cares, my face has never been this soft.

My relocation lady assumed I was over my pregnancy nausea as I looked ‘more alive somehow’ (for the record I still feel nauseous and still feel horrible).

OK in truth, at first glance, I doubt most of you would notice the difference. I still have bags under my eyes, I still look rather pale, but hey I’m averaging five broken hours sleep at the moment (I’m also mum to two very energetic preschoolers). I know that the only way to really get rid of the bags under my eyes is to get rid of my kids, but even I have my skincare limits.

The beauty within

Nevertheless, while my face might not look radically different, it definitely feels it.

Herein lies the JK7® attraction. If you want to dramatically change your skin overnight for results everyone will see, then go for botox. Or a face lift. Or hardcore invasive surgery. But don’t come running to me afterwards if it goes wrong or when the effects wear off and you look (and feel) much, much worse.

If, however, you’re after a natural alternative for a difference that you yourself can feel, then put JK7® Golden Face Oil on your bathroom shelf (or rather in your cupboard, away from direct sunlight).

Nina Hobson The Expater results JK7 Golden Face Oil
Results I can feel

How to use

The oil is applied after cleansing on still damp skin. I’ve been using just a couple of pumps of the oil, massaging it over my face and neckline. As the moisture dries, the oil penetrates deep and I can still feel the hydration the next day. I feel my skin has improved progressively over the last three weeks.

While you might like to use it day and night, and follow with a serum or lotion, personally it feels wrong to put anything else on top on of it. I’ve stuck to a gentle night time cleanse followed by a massage with the oil.

In the mornings, I’ve only used the oil when I’ve been going make up free. The oil works fine under make up, but I prefer to allow the oil time alone to soak in, rather than slapping on foundation straight away.

My personal (unscientific) research

I’m not going to go into the scientific based studies which claim to back up the results. I’m not a scientist, and every skin type and every person is different. I’m skeptical of any statistics. All I can say is that for me, the oil really, really helped.

In my case I suffer from bouts of eczema and psoriasis brought on by stress. Pregnancy brought with it an outbreak of black heads and dry patches. After a hellishly stressful move from the UK to Chile my face was in a state. I decided to cut down my skincare routine to the basics, washing with a mild cleanser and following afterwards with the Golden Face Oil. Besides, these days I’m way too tired for my former double cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise, eye cream ritual.

I’ve also learnt from a bout of acne in my twenties that astringent cleansers and facial products can actually exacerbate problems, causing the skin to flare up and generate more sebum as a defensive measure. This healing oil seems to have helped balance my crazy hormonal combination of oily patches and flaky skin.

Luxury JK7 Golden Face Oil great for pregnant women
Looking and feeling like a whale… but a whale with awesome skin

Natural, luxurious skincare

With a blend of jasmin, neroli, rose and patchouli oil, as well as hay and ylang, the oil feels wonderfully luxurious. Patchouli is noted for its grounding, soothing, anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties and it certainly seems to have done the business on my skin.

The Golden Face oil, like all JK7® products uses only the very purest oils in the world. In fact, they employ a specialist technique (‘spagyric extraction’, in case you were wondering) in order to maintain more of the organic herbs’ natural beneficial properties.

It comes chemical free, without any chemical fillers, synthetic fragrances, silicones, artificial colours or bleaches. It’s completely plant based, isn’t tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients, so it’s suitable for vegans.

It smells lovely too. Even my twenty Marlboro a day husband who can’t even smell burnt toast commented, ‘Wow, you smell nice. What is that?’ But the scent is by no means overpowering. In fact, with my five month pregnancy hormones swimming around, I can’t stomach many odours at all. I relegated the Golden Face Oil to the back of my shelf for a while as I feared the scent wouldn’t agree with me. But trust me, somehow the scent is both powerful and gentle. It smells as pure and natural as it claims to be on the box.

All natural ingredients in best facial oil for mature sensitive dry and acne prone skin
No nasties here

Worth its weight in gold

So what’s the catch?

Well, the price tag. It retails at £535 GBP (USD 680,- EUR 640,- / CHF 680).


This is no cheap drugstore lotion. It’s literally worth more than gold. 

So how’s it different from cheaper high street alternatives?

The Golden Face Oil is one in a series of organic products handmade at a boutique facility in Hawaii after eight years of research by JK7® founder and naturopathy expert Dr Jurgen Klein. Each oil used in the blend was subject to a series of rigorous tests, with the final product undergoing double testing on humans.

JK7 is not tested on animals but undergoes rigorous tests in the laboratory
The JK7 team at work. Photo JK7®

While lesser priced high street products often contain pennies worth of the active ingredient and bulk up the rest with chemical ingredients, JK7® products are made up solely of exceptionally high concentrations of the purest oils and extracts, some of which can cost up to $45,000 USD per litre.

But is it really worth it? Well, that’s up to you. Whether you spent £5 or £50,000 on your watch, whether you’re prepared to invest five figures in your home entertainment system or on your kid’s school fees is up to you. I’m a self declared skincare obsessive. If you’re not, please swipe along.

Skincare obsessive
So many lotions and potions I can’t close my bathroom cupboards

Investing for the future

The oil is suitable for all skin types, but I reckon it’s especially beneficial for the 30 and 40 age bracket. I get that over time it’ll prevent premature skin ageing by retaining moisture and skin elasticity.

It’s a lovely healer for skin facing UV rays, pollution and other stresses we Expaters deal with on a daily basis.

JK7®’s anti-aging rejuvenating serum amassed a bit of a cult following among Hollywood circles and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Golden Face Oil was next in line.

A family friend recently confided how she’d had enough of botox and face lifts, and was going down a more natural route from now on. She was happy to put the money to ‘less selfish means’ and then became rather annoyed when I recommended the (admittedly rather costly) JK7® oil to her.

It’s hard to switch back to the rest when you’ve tried the best. Sorry Expaters for introducing you to my new beauty routine. This oil might not make you a less selfish person, but boy, it will give you really, really lovely skin.


JK7® Golden Facial Oil, £535 GBP (USD 680 EUR 640 / CHF 680) for 15mL/0.5 fl.oz. Free shipping in Canada, US and Europe. Free international shipping to other countries for purchases of $500 USD and over. Visit 


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