Home from home – a top play cafe for kids in Santiago

We currently have two homes in Chile. We’ve just about settled into our apartment. Allow me to show you around our second residence…

MoMo Coffee and Play is a new play cafe for children which opened in the Las Condes district of Santiago about six months ago.

The owner is a big, black, hairy friendly guy after whom the cafe is named….

In fact he’s the main reason our kids like to come…

Big kids as well as small…

The menu is better than a lot of play cafes here in Santiago, with freshly prepared burritos, fresh pasta, sandwiches and salads (including a decent vegan one). There are always lots of pastries and cakes on offer, as well as fresh juices and teas too. My caffeine addict of a husband also informs me that the Illy coffee is better than the average cuppa in Santiago.

Best of all… they serve dairy free ice cream. Hoorah for my dairy intolerant child… (boo for his shirt which got ruined)…

In fact it was he here that he tried ice cream for the first time…

MoMo also has a cute little outdoor space…

Where they sometimes put on yoga classes, singing lessons, drawing workshops and shows…

MoMo’s isn’t the chicest play cafe. It certainly isn’t the biggest.

It’s a crazy mess of toys, games and dressing up clothes. For our kids it’s heaven.

In fact, I think the beauty lies in its disorder. It’s a safe space where kids are free to play as they like, without constraints.

It feels more like a home. Staff are like friends. My kids feel really welcome, just as we parents do.

It’s not so big that we need to run around keeping an eye on our little devils.

The entrance fee is ridiculously cheap (only $3,000 per child over two years, $4,000 for twins and $6,000 for triplets). Don’t tell MoMo but we’d pay so much more just for this peace of mind.

It’s a fun and happy place.

And when it all gets too much there are spaces for a nap…

While mummy and daddy use the WiFi to catch up on emails or take a break with our kids in view (unless we’re napping too).


MoMo Cofee and Play: Sta Magdalena Sofía 491, Las Condes, Región Metropolitana.

Tel 09 7775 5086. Opening hours have changed recently. Call beforehand to double check it’s open.

$3,000 per child over two years, $4,000 for twins and $6,000 for triplets. For more information about class times, organizing birthday parties or anything else email momocoffeeandplay@gmail.com or visit facebook.com/momocoffeeandplay

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