The ultimate Christmas gift for dry or oily skin

Have you ever met someone randomly at a party then ended up inseparable best friends for life? Someone who enriches your life, makes you better deep down and protects you in times of need?

OK, it’s not quite the same, but let me introduce you to a new beauty friend of mine. This little facial oil skin saviour came into my life a few weeks ago through a chance meeting while internet comfort shopping and since then we haven’t spent more than 12 hours apart.

I converted to facial oils about a year ago, but would only use them at night time as I figured the shiny forehead thing wasn’t a great look.

Then I met squalane oil.

What is it? 

It’s a naturally occurring compound found in the skin which is also derived from plant based sources, including olives, amaranth seed, rice bran and wheat germ. Not to be confused with squalene oil, mostly found in shark liver oil, this is a stable lipid, meaning it’s not easily broken down by sunlight or heat, so is wonderful for cosmetic products.

Why squalane?

It’s fab for skin dehydrated by the chill of winter, or overzealous air conditioning in the summer.

I have skin which is prone to dehydration and a lot of moisturisers seem to sit on the surface of my skin, or only provide short term help. As squalane oil occurs naturally in the skin, it absorbs in seconds and it really gets to work deep down.

In fact, it’s so light it doesn’t feel like an oil at all. Perhaps I shouldn’t call it an oil, but a facial drink. An all natural energy drink for your face. Shiny forehead be gone!

Naturally present in the skin to maintain hydration, this fragrance free, transparent oil is heavenly. It heals, soothes, hydrates and protects.

If I had a microscope I’m sure I’d see my pores chillaxing with relief ‘ooooh… ahhh, that’s nice’, they’d sigh.

A BFF for all

Gentle on eczema and psoriasis prone skin like mine, it’s also non comedogenic (doesn’t block the pores). Leaving zero oily residue, it’s one of the best ways to soothe and smoothe acne conditions also. I challenge anyone not to love my new beauty best friend.

While there’s a whole gang of these lovely oils on the market, my buddy is an especially pure version from a brand called Indie Lee and is derived from olives. It’s an absolute essential for a softer, more supple and more nourished complexion this winter, wherever you may be in the world.

Sometimes I’m a bit selfish when it comes to sharing my BFF contacts, but go on, it’s nearly Christmas after all. Add Indie Lee squalane oil to your list and give your skin a treat.

squalane oil for more supple and youthful skin

Indie Lee squalane oil, $32 for 30ml (or £30 in the UK via Cult Beauty)

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