Sod it, the packing can wait

These last few weeks have been chaotic. The kids have been off nursery for three weeks due to a sickness bug. Three weeks.

These last few days they’ve been healthy enough to run around, shout from the top of their lungs and need entertainment (Muuuuuuummy! We need play dough… Quickly!), but were possibly contagious, so we’ve had to keep them at home.

We’ve also decided to move to Chile so we’re packing up all our stuff, doing a KonMari and desperately trying to sort things before our move. And the kids have been ‘helping’ us.

As I’ve realised these last few weeks, trying to get stuff done with kids in tow just isn’t possible.

OK, if you’re a qualified child psychologist with the patience of saint then perhaps it is, but it’s never pleasant. So, while we have boxes to pack, direct debits to cancel and ten zillions reminder post its to see to, we said, ‘sod it. Let’s have a day out’.

Granddad lost his hat…

We all drove a tractor (with mummy realising half way round that toddler Rafa probably shouldn’t be on his own)

Rafa got to ride a really big tractor…

We saw some very cute animals…

expat day out on a farm photo

expat day out on a farm photo

And others cute in a less conventional way…

expat day out on a farm - pig photo

We brought home a pumpkin…

expat day out on a farm- pumpkin hunting photo

expat day out on a farm photo - pumpkin

And smiles all round.

So the motto of this mini post is: sod it, the packing can wait. The chores won’t cause the house to explode. We still have time. Let’s take a breather. Let’s enjoy the present a little more. Happy Halloween Expaters!

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