A Flight Attendant’s Top Ten Packing Tips

I thought I travelled a lot. Then, on a recent trip back from Moscow I spoke to the flight crew at Lufthansa. How they don’t collapse from jet lag exhaustion is beyond me. Unsurprisingly they know one or two things about how to pack a suitcase too. Here one of their Chief Flight Attendants, Barbara Kuechler shares her top tips.

Damn it! Barbara’s bags will always be better packed than mine. Photo: Lufthansa
  1. Never, ever pack at the last minute.
  2. Put shampoo, shower gel and other cosmetics into a sealable plastic bag, this way everything stays clean and dry just in case of a spillage.
  3. Pack heavy things first, like shoes (always in a shoe bag) and your toilet bag. Then, put your lighter items on top and fill any spaces with smaller belongings.
  4. Roll up your clothing up very tightly, to fit more in and avoid creasing.
  5. Put dresses and button up shirts in a transparent plastic cover or in a suitcase net to avoid creasing.
  6. Fit socks and other soft items into your shoes to save on space and keep your shoes in shape.
  7. Never pack your suitcase to the fullest, always leave space for souvenirs and other holiday shopping. 
  8. During your trip, always put dirty clothes in a separate bag, separated from fresh clothes.
  9. Keep valuables such as jewelry and electronics in your hand luggage. Although it rarely happens with Lufthansa, checked in baggage can get lost so it’s a good idea to keep your most valuable belongings with you.
  10. Have a great flight!
girl suitcase photoPhoto by efradera

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