10 things all returning British Expaters can relate to (and love)

My temporary stay back ‘home’ in the UK is taking longer than I envisaged. But I’ve been an expat a long, long time. Some days I crave Delhi sunshine, at other times I miss Antwerp’s fashion scene and I often dream about the clean air of Lausanne.

OK, yes, we’re on a downward path to Brexit but all is not lost just yet. Right now I’m really enjoying the UK… and particularly these things.

  1. Proper printed newspapers I can read without searching on reverso.net until the news is out of date.
  2. Woolly jumpers on a summer’s evening (you’ll only get this if you’ve lived in Angola / somewhere equally hot).snuggly kitten photoHow I feel in a cosy jumper. Photo by Fairy Heart ♥
  3. The way everyone strips off too many layers of clothing (and the accompanying stiff upper lip) at the first sight of sunshine. Ten degrees? Bikini time!
  4. Free babysitting (Kerching! Thanks Mum!)
  5. Picnics. Come rain or shine, elaborate or easy as pie (or sandwiches).picnic retro photoPhoto by AMELIA SPEED
  6. Online shopping that actually delivers to my address. Why does noone ever ship to Lagos?!
  7. Pimms. If you need to ask what this is, you’ve never lived in the UK during summer. In fact you’ve never lived.pimms cocktail photoPhoto by Martin_Duggan
  8. More Pimms. (The fruit counts as one of my five a day)
  9. The latest faddy hyped up superfoods readily available at my local supermarket. Chia seeds are so last season.
  10. Social niceties, my favourite being the offer of a cup of tea in place of a greeting. As in ‘Hello (boiler repair man / neighbour next door / gardener / insert as appropriate) I’ve just put the kettle on, would you like a cuppa? Milk, no sugar you say?’ How nice, how British.

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