Top Five Expat Destinations

I recently decided against a move to Nigeria with my two young kids due to (perhaps unjustified…?) concerns over its crime rate and healthcare.

My other half rebuked me for my prejudiced view of a country I haven’t even visited. He continues to rave about the wonders of Lagos – exciting business opportunities, fabulous sunshine and amazing nightclubs. But these aren’t on a toddler’s top ten though, are they?
country signpost photoPhoto by InAweofGod’sCreation

So we are on the move again. But where to?

Ask me where I’d like to travel and it’s got to be somewhere safe, with good hospitals and a bonus if I can get a matcha latte within walking distance.

Come to think of it, I’d like a mix of restaurants, some buzzing cafes, the odd cocktail bar. Some grimey nightlife to add authenticity, but without the dirt the morning after. I want individual boutique shops, an organic farmer’s market and some quirky art galleries, but I’ll leave the gentrified locality price tag thank you. And a tropical climate without the tropical diseases please.

Not much to ask?

I’m compiling any possible contenders, so please shout if you know of any more to add to the mix.

Here are my top five based on personal experience, gossip, a thorough scientific study (Facebook post) and random thoughts in my head.

  1. Canada. Cool people, progressive politics and a hot PM. And maple syrup. justin trudeau photoHands up if you lead an awesome country. Photo by batmoo
  2. Switzerland. Beautiful country, fabulous skiing, everything works. And the best chocolate in the world (sorry Belgium). swiss chocolate photoJust off to get some groceries darling! Photo by Qtea
  3. Singapore. Great healthcare, fabulous island hopping opportunities, some amazing modern architecture and a foodie paradise.
    singapore photo
    I’d like to live in this tree house please
  4. Ireland. Fun people, beautiful beaches (honest) and Brown Thomas department store in Dublin. OK so no sun, but then the Guinness jackets and giggles will keep me warm.

st patrick photoPhoto by DaPuglet

5. India. Fabulous fashion, everyday is a festival and spirituality is for life, not just for Instagram.

bollywood photoPhoto by Earls37a



  1. patushka
    April 26, 2017 / 1:33 pm

    Wow, my three citizenships made it into your top five! I’m currently in Lisbon and from the little I’ve seen here, Portugal may soon be up there too: great climate, low cost of living, the sea, good food….

    • theexpater
      April 26, 2017 / 3:59 pm

      What a lucky lady you are! And yes,I’m actually planning a trip to Lisbon this summer so will keep you posted. I might need to make this a top six…

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