Love Speaks Louder Than Words

Recently I wrote a post about my fears for a dear friend in Syria. Today, after encouragement from a friend I tried calling her again.

The phone rang and rang. My heart beat faster and I began to wonder. The phone clicked and there was a pause.

And then, finally, ‘nam?!’

The fabulously curt reply was a sharp ‘I’m busy, who is this on the phone?’ from a lady rushing to fix a blow dry (she is a beautician by trade) rather than dodge a bomb. Watching the news has made me a paranoid woman for sure.

One terrorist attack in the UK, another attempt in Belgium and numerous lesser reported ones in more distant parts of the globe. Enough to make you question the world we live in.

But for every attack, every threat, every fear, there is resilience, strength and hope. 

Today speaking to Dlall and hear her giggle at my incomprehensible Arabic made my day. I did my best to ask how she was, for her news and I tried to update her on my life since we last saw each other.

I’ll be calling on the services of an equally dear Expater friend who speaks Arabic and English to get a better idea of how she is doing, but for now, hearing her laugh is an incredible feeling.

I struggled, even in English to find the words and rambled on. She interrupted me, ‘Yes, my friend, I understand’.

Love speaks louder than words, or violence it seems. Alhamdulillah indeed.

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