Beauty Spotting: Sleep Serum

It’s World Sleep Day on 17 March.

Across the globe newborns will fall into a gentle twelve hour slumber, toddlers will quit their twilight antics, horrible bosses will cease their midnight emails and the neighbour next door with the (in your view) unhealthy sexual appetite will cool things for the night.

And you? You will sleep.


In your (day) dreams.

woman asleep photoPhoto by Alyssa L. Miller

If you’re reading this, no doubt like me, you suffer from bouts of sleeplessness. One in three Americans fails to get enough sleep, while the figure is one in two in the UK.

My insomnia comes and goes like an annoying family relation. It overstays its visit every time, makes me feel rubbish and I can’t get on with my work when it’s in town.

And it’s not fair. Why can’t Auntie Insomnia go and stay with someone else now and again? She hardly ever visits my other half.

While I’m doing my (moderate) exercise, drinking my (chamomile) tea, preparing my (lavender scented) bath, my hubby is chortling away over some social media meme, downing a double espresso and then before I can ask him to adjust my blackout sleep mask he’s away in the land of the nod.

man sleeping photo

I’m desperate, a sucker for the latest trends and I love to shop. Not a good combination for anyone other than Mr American Express.

If it claims to help me, or those around me to sleep, I’ll buy it. Put the word ‘sleep’ on the packet and I’ll order it in bulk; mists and moisturisers, sprays and serums, lotions and potions, each one promising to do more than the last. I’ve bought scented candles when my nose was so blocked with a cold I couldn’t smell, pillow spray for a baby who doesn’t use a pillow and bath oil for a dog who refused to bathe.

I acknowledge that sleep doesn’t come in a bottle. (OK, perhaps a good Bordeaux is the exception but I don’t take to Uncle Hangover either). I understand that you can’t buy sleep, or the amazing feeling of a full eight hours of interrupted slumber that accompanies it.

You will no doubt roll your puffy eyes when I introduce you to my latest friend, Spa Magik Organiks Sleep Therapy 6-Oil Super Serum– a one stop solution with lavender and vitamin E for the face, body, hair, nails, pulse points and lips.

Last night, at one point in my heavily interrupted snoozing I got up and applied a few drops to each pulse point and massaged together. Then I did my face and neck. Before I knew it I was into a full 3am facial. And I slept.

Alas it only lasted until my phone pinged, my child screamed (Mamaaaaa! Are you awaaaake?!!!) and the housekeeper arrived with the loudest vacuum cleaner this side of Dyson’s factory. I got up as always with great lethargy, but this time with a more hydrated face, neck and cuticles.

alarm clock photo

Of course the serum didn’t make me sleep, but the process of massaging my nails, pulse points and face helped me to switch off. It’s a handy little cure all moisturiser that will be accompanying me on my travels. It may not banish Auntie Insomnia but at least I’ll have a nice face when I greet Uncle Hangover.

Spa Magik Organiks Sleep Therapy 6-Oil Super Serum 50ml, £17.95, also available from Holland & Barrett

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